What is the Reunification of Debts, Loans or Credits?



Let’s start with what it is not: a 50% less payment method every month. It may surprise many who say that it is not that all companies that have dedicated themselves to financial intermediation: collect all their debts into one and pay up to 50% less each month, this motto is misleading, and therefore considers that The legislator, if not accompanied by additional information that clarifies that the monthly payment reduction is achieved by grouping all debts into a new mortgage that implies greater indebtedness and may be an extension of the deadline.

Debt Reunification

Debt Reunification

Debt reunification is to organize a mortgage loan to cover the outstanding debt of the previous mortgage, it amounts to canceling the rest of the debts and the expenses of the reunification. Reuniting our debts makes sense if we want to balance our finances. If you are over indebted you need a debt reunification to pay the debts neatly. But reunification must be accompanied by a rationalization of our consumption patterns.

Today there are many families or people who have financial problems due to debts on credit cards, personal loans, etc.

If all this is added to the variation in interest rates in all types of debts, we see that in the United States more than half of its population has difficulty reaching the end of the month with a good economy.

The reunification of loans is one of the best ways to improve our economy and guarantee the payment of all debts. And it is that the reunification of debts allows us not only to pay the debts, but also helps us save some money.

The reunification of loans is to match all the bank debt, the two mortgage loans, credit cards, personal loans, etc … in the same account, this is not only to lower monthly interest rates, also the fees will be lower Thanks to this we will achieve a better personal economy.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

What we want to achieve with this is that people have a better financial situation and adapt our standard of living of our income and therefore can satisfy all their debts in an easier and orderly way.

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